Yoga teacher training is something I’ve almost embarked on a number of times in the past but circumstances were never quite right. I wasn’t able to take weeks off work to travel and do an intensive in Bali – as nice as that may sound! It wasn’t feasible logistically – or financially for that matter.

But during lockdown, I came across an online teacher training with Sadhana Yoga School and I was curious.

This particular course was well organised, a good price and had a mix of very experienced teachers. The school has been running teacher trainings for over 10 years and was one of the first established yoga schools to have its 5 week online course accredited by Yoga Alliance International with a 200 hours qualification. It felt exciting and I wanted to be part of this new experimental training. Most importantly though I felt ready, and jumped in straight away.

So, what was it like?!

Like many people I had never really even used FaceTime before, so the idea of using Zoom everyday with strangers was a bit daunting. However, I was shocked at how connected to my fellow trainees and teachers I felt – even through a screen.


The Zoom sessions were 4 hours every weekday and replicated what would have been taught in person covering everything from yoga philosophy to how to teach particular sequences. We were given pre-recordings of these and to get comfortable on screen, I would record myself speaking throughout these routines. Because the course was running in America, my day started at 2pm, meaning I could spend the rest of my day doing yoga, catching up on reading, journaling, and learning how to meditate.

The best part for me was teaching people in Zoom rooms. It was nerve-wracking to begin with and, due to not being there in person, I had to really think carefully about instruction in a much more precise way. But it worked and was worth it for the confidence it gives you as an instructor.

My goal has always been to work with the body rather than against it. This principle has followed through into my yoga teaching. Becoming a yoga teacher has allowed me to further assist others through movement, alongside treatment.

Until we can meet in person, my Yoga for Injuries classes are held on Zoom on Thursdays at 11am.

Meeting Id: 523 534 8413
pw: mst


Pay as you feel, minimum £5. I can’t wait to see you there!