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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update:

Is it time for something new?

During the pandemic people are either learning new skills, or talking about it. At a time when positive touch has never been more needed in our community people are getting sore with new daily exercise routines.

Although I am unable to help physically I can teach those self isolating the skill of Massage in the safety and comfort of their own homes, whether you have someone to practice on or not.

With 15 years teaching experience I have equipped thousands of people through Diplomas in Sports & Remedial Massage and workshops in soft tissue skills for friends and family through effective, simple and straight forward instructions with easy to follow routines.






Muscle strains & sprains



Shoulder impingements



Acute pain



Sciatica (nerve entrapment)






DOMS (muscle soreness)


Pain perception is a very personal experience, so adapting the depth of pressure with specific techniques needed for each individual can achieve great rewards. If you’re looking for Sports & Remedial Massage to alleviate pain from training, to relieve the aches from Pregnancy or to gain skills in this area, you’re in the right hands.

To be injured and in pain can have debilitating consequences, both on your physical and mental wellbeing. The physical and psychological rewards from Sports & Remedial Massage can make the difference between winning and losing.

With experience of working with high level athletes at Northern Ballet, Castleford Tigers, Leeds Carnegie and Leeds & Bradford Triathlon Club, we appreciate that working collaboratively is fundamental to making soft tissue work effective.

Specialising in Sports & Remedial Massage for Movement & Alignment in Leeds

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I suffered with excruciating back pain for months, barely able to sit and stand some days. With 2 children and a full-time job, I had to take regular doses of very strong medication just to get me through each day. I had no diagnosis but was accessing physiotherapy appointments via the NHS in an attempt to strengthen my core.

I visited Harriet upon recommendation…after just 2 sessions I am practically pain free! She made me feel comfortable, relaxed and the massage felt wonderful! I arrived barely able to fasten my shoe lace and the difference now is absolutely amazing!

I call her the “Lady with the magic hands!”.

Kirsty Winfield

Having a very physical job, there are days that I think I just can’t do one more rehearsal due to muscle soreness and aches.

Harriet’s excellent technique and attention to problem areas make it possible for me to carry on.

She does not only deliver the highest standard of treatment but also creates a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

Martha Leebolt

Resident Guest Artist, Northern Ballet