We hear so much about how massage can be of benefit to our mind, body and soul. How it can aid you will be entirely individual. Whether you’re in pain or not has a major influence on what effect massage will have on you. Some people literally bounce off the massage couch but others are ready for nothing but bath and bed.


These are just some of the ways massage may be of help to you:

1. Posture gradually improves as the muscles around the spine become more flexible and less tense.

2. Circulation is encouraged, which is good for muscle recovery and healing.

3. Deeper breathing, helping oxygen circulate encouraging healing and growth.

4. Joint flexibility is increased and tension relieved.

5. A calm mind is encouraged along with a completely relaxed body.

6. It is claimed to boost alertness and improve attention.

7. The stress hormone cortisol is decreased, said to boost your lymph flow and immune cells.

8. The increase in serotonin and dopamine may also reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

If only a daily massage was an affordable option!

What benefits have you gained from massage? Do you regularly have them? Or are you joining many of my clients who are investing in themselves by having a monthly treatment?