“It makes sense when you think about it” is what someone said when they asked me about their injury last week. They had a sore knee after getting out of bed. It sounds so basic but so often injuries occur when twisting or bending awkwardly…unconsciously.

We’re taught to fear bulging/slipped discs and spinal fractures but tightness is tightness and believe me there’s nothing more reassuring than touch through Massage when you’re in discomfort.

I’m not a massive fan of the word ‘posture’ because of people’s attachment to poor or bad posture. If we think of position we can appreciate corrections and work to aligning ourselves into a better one.

POSITIONAL TIPS: stuff to align the hips;

– don’t cross your legs

– try to sit upright with neutral hips (very difficult when’s sitting ‘soft’)

– the more comfortable they try to make car seats the more the pelvis tucks under (don’t get me started on bucket seats!). Sit with hips higher than knees on a straight back chair (or fashion one with a pillow)

– always get out the car with your knees together

– bend ze knees to lift anything

– keep hips loose by not holding tension in your glutes (bum) and swing n away when you walk. We used to have tails so pretend yours isn’t cut off!

Namaste H-bomb