Issues in your tissues?

When I broke 18 bones people said I’d never be the same…in a good way! The most common question when you’re injured or been through something is “are you back to normal?!”. Trauma can leave you feeling like there is no normal or any way back…

Whether you’ve been through trauma, bad times or loss you cannot escape how it holds itself in your body’s tissues. I often ask people…what has it taught you? You can’t ignore the fact that you have to do things differently to get a different result. Whether that’s improving posture, the way you use your biomechanics to run / lift / exercise or how often you repeat movements, adaptation needs to happen. Although the focus may be physical that adaptation may feel very psychological.

A client recently told me all they wanted was to be able to put their socks on. They had had 6 weeks of back pain with no relief from a Physio diagnosing a leg length discrepancy (LLD). Having always been injury free and able to run twice a day at a ridiculously fast pace utter frustration had kicked in. But the expectation is always the thing that gets me. Going from “I just want to put my socks on” to “I just want to run round the block” to “I just want to run this 10K”. When hips are aligned a LLD tends to go away and therefore so does the pain.

To be asked what on earth I had done to get them there and what magic I had worked makes my day. I’m no magician but I am a body mechanic and obsessed with the connection between body and mind.