“There’s no point looking back…look forward” is something I tell (or shout at) my dog on a frequent basis.

‘When an animal senses danger, its adrenal system instructs it either to run from the danger, stand and fight, go numb, or decide all is safe and shake out those danger signals. Why can’t we do that? Too many of us spend our lives treating children, spouses/partners, and sometimes even parents in ways that discourage the release of trauma and encourage the storing of it in the gut’. Noah Karrasch

But have you ever thought about a situation that just feels right? When you meet a partner for the first time, a prospective employer or even a client, sometimes it just clicks and you trust your gut instinct about that person. Life is full of opportunity and many of us hold back seeing each opportunity as a threat, in fear of change and feeling sick to the stomach.


When you have a trauma in life things don’t go back to the way they were exactly, they change and adapt. Often not just for physical reasons but something inside is searching to do something differently.

I am a flighty person…I know that from how I react to people and situations. I know that from walking 2 miles with 18 broken bones as I didn’t want to cause a fuss!

But sometimes being so reactive doesn’t help and it takes a lot of self control to reign it in to see a situation for what it really is. To be reflective and take stock, to walk away then take deep breaths. I’m not sure you can change from being so naturally fight or flight but we can learn not to run away even if it does take some of us time.