To be clear…my massage game is strong, strong enough to get results and work with the body. I don’t teach others to hurt people, we take people to the edge but not push them over it. Recently a previous client of mine found a Sports Massage Therapist who they were relieved they only had half an hour with. I have since met others who are sick after being treated by them and physically shaking with no control of their legs. When I asked what they  said when they told them it was too much they had just carried on like they knew best!  However, then after another former client put on social media that they were happy they had found someone strong enough in the UK to massage them, I thought maybe it’s just a matter of personal preference (he then asked to come back to me as they had hurt him!).

Do you want to be pushed over the edge and someone not respond when you’re crying out in agony? I have heard of too many of these people and I don’t like it, it makes me uncomfortable but maybe that’s just me and my beliefs. I will just focus on what I’m doing and passing on to others.

Here’s what fellow therapist ‘The Massage Sloth’ says…