I’m often telling people how we are in a weakened position when forward folding and twisting. My Chiropractor reminded me of this when I put my SI joint out. It’s no joke that when you have abdominal surgery you’re advised to not hoover for weeks. We get caught unawares bending whilst twisting to grab something/lifting children/gardening. At this point we have no CORE wrapping round to protect our lower backs and something goes.

Back pain tips:

– Get out the car with your knees together (like you’re being paparazzied!). Avoid split legged positions like lunges. Sit with your knees lower than your hips. In more sporty cars like BMW, Audi and VW the bucket style seats scoop your pelvis under which doesn’t allow for an upright lumbar spine.

– Plant your big toe when walking to use your foot and create an arch. You could be without all your other toes. It is our big toe that creates stability and grounds the foot. Alternate shoes so your back gets a change of gait. Mix it up.

(Yoga tip – Change your foot position by lifting your heel in standing yoga poses such as Warrior I and creating more of an arch in the back foot in Warrior II)

– Forward bend with bent knees or something between the thighs to engage inner the thighs/glutes.

– Even when ‘sitting soft’ on a sofa sit on a pillow to reverse the tipping in the pelvis so you always sit with your hips higher than knees.

– Lie on the floor! Your back relaxes when in contact with the floor so whether you put your legs up the wall to reverse blood flow or use a belt to do hamstring stretches this is a great place for your spine.

No one knows their own body like the person living inside it however we all also have an ego, a monkey brain, and lots of learnt messages telling us “be better, you can do this, man up, no pain no gain”. Yes we should listen to our body but our body can have the natural reaction to seize up. In order to relax the tissues (especially of the neck and hips) we need to let go and get loosey goosey by keeping the body soft and mobile. Try it, you might like it.