When people ask how long i’ve been doing yoga I can’t even recollect my first class. I remember working in London in the late 90s and would trek up to Kings Cross in the evenings to an amazing pilates class with an ex ballet mistress in the late 90s. I loved her strictness. Then when I moved up north we used to escape in our lunch hour at ITV to do poker straight Iyengar with props and coronation street stars to partner up with.

To escape your head by using your body is a concept difficult for some to fathom. It’s why we’re drawn to sport but often more so why we use stimulants like alcohol or drug suppressants. We use them as an escapism from the self. Call it a dumbing down of the senses, a relaxant or a way to switch off, it is often why we seek these things out.

I have moved between pilates and yoga as a way to rehabilitate the body, but also to switch off the mind. Whether it’s the focus it requires or the fact you’re getting your head out of you ass, there is a bliss state that occurs. In a slower style of yoga such as Yin there is a socially acceptable association with being slightly off your face.

This chasing of endorphins, this natural high, may be what we’re all looking to achieve in life, whether we know it or not.

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