Catch up with Harriet about what’s been happening at Morgan Sports Therapy HQ over the last year. Find out how she has dealt with the challenges of Covid-19 and lockdown.

Biggest obstacles during the pandemic…

It has been a worrying time being self-employed, but also a very collective experience. Once I knew I would be supported financially and that the system worked I relaxed a bit. People’s interpretations of the rules have astonished me, but have also made me realise you have to do what you feel comfortable with.

I worked within two clinics who handled the situation very differently when it all started early 2020. It became very clear to me that communication was key for everyone to feel safe and respected. Clients are exceptionally important but so are we as Practitioners. We cannot afford to pass this virus around. It’s a very different experience wearing scrubs and PPE, but we’ve had to adapt in order to carry on.

Changes due to COVID-19

It takes a while to appreciate your own boundaries such as how many people you can see for treatments, how long to make the gaps between clients to provide ventilation and extra time for cleaning etc.

In the spirit of adapting, I’ve put a pause on my home studio for now. As people are stressed and not able to be near loved ones, sometimes I’m the only other person they’ve seen after supermarket workers. I feel honoured by that. Being knowledgeable, interested and working WITH rather than on people is imperative to how you make people feel.


I made the decision to do my yoga teacher training online very early on in lockdown 1. It gave me structure to my day and also new ideas for avenues I could take my massage teaching. This developed into two massage courses – Basics of Massage and Massage in Action which is CPD approved. This then progressed to providing alignment tips with a focus on pain free movement in my Yoga for injuries series.

Some days it’s hard not having a routine. I have always appreciated the mental benefits of getting outdoors and having a dog really makes you get out whatever the weather. One thing I dislike is doing the same thing repetitively so I try to mix it up with different yoga and Pilates classes. I have got back into HIIT, boxing and lifting weights. I am always discovering new classes on Instagram too!

Take-aways from the pandemic

We have all had to adapt and get creative. On days when yoga is the last thing I want to do, I write – for the mailers I have created, my website, course content and blogs. I have always loved writing in my own voice but been obsessive about grammar. My husband has even bought me a proofreading course which is what has occupied me this January.

What I have learnt is that you are never just a ‘Massage Therapist’. You have to be a writer, programmer and your own biggest cheerleader.

Where can people book now?

I am working exclusively at the one clinic that is able to stay open at the moment. It may be slightly different to normal but you are welcome to come and see me there.

 Good Health Centre bookings can be made for 30 minutes or 1 hour appointments on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.