For a lot of people yoga is not only a physical practice that can allow the body to relax but help us to switch off mentally and allow more focus. I have often felt yoga is like nectar. Others have described it as better than chocolate. It has helped me become pain free and alleviate back pain to a point where I’ve used it as its own therapy.

This week during a Sports Massage I stood back waiting to begin when a client said she just had a couple of things to do on her phone. I have heard other therapists say that people just expect to be able to use their phone when being worked on. But for me the therapeutic process is about collaborating with the person on the massage couch and part of this is time away from the rest of the world. All this can help quieten the busy mind.


Much like I try not to take my phone on a dog walk so I can think clearly you’d expect people not to try texting when doing sport, even though I did see a cyclist texting and another speaking on their phone recently. The fashion for taking yoga selfies has become slightly out of hand and that is why it’s so important to step back and understand what’s important. To put the phone down and use Yoga or Sports Massage as our therapy maybe you can find your nectar too.